This book depicts the story of a great Sufi saint, Thakur Ram Singh, in the backdrop of the administrative system prevailing in the then Princely State of Jaipur. He served the police department and earned his livelihood by the sweat of his brow. His honesty, integrity and dedication to duty, made him a living legend and people had started calling him ‘Sant Thanedar’. Though an ocean of esoteric knowledge, he was a man of few words, who kept his real self hidden from public. His mere presence used to have such an impact on the visitors that they used to immediately start feeling quietude and inner peace, which used to change their lives forever. He remembered a lot of couplets, short stories and anecdotes, through which he explained even the most complex spiritual matters in simple words, keeping the atmosphere light and jovial. This is a true story, no exaggeration and based on facts. Some of the persons related to this story are still alive and stand testimony to it.

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