From time immemorial, man has been searching for ways to realise the Truth. Various religions have prescribed different practices and methods to realise the Truth. Every religion claims its superiority over others. It is, however, to be understood that religions act like gates to lead to the Truth, but the Truth is one. Men are unique; their requirements and their state of evolution are different. Different religions are thus meant only to cater to these different needs. Often, however, the outer form of religion alone makes most people satisfied and they forget about their ultimate quest, the Truth.

The soul has descended in the human aggregate and it pervades every cell of the human body. The possible ways of realising the Truth are, therefore, innumerable. Over the ages, prophets and saints have evolved newer and simpler methods looking to the limitations of time and effort on the part of seekers. "Kundalini yoga" or the awakening of "Kundalini" has become a popular catchword for luring unsuspecting seekers. They are taught some breathing and other exercises and at times they also acquire some miraculous powers. But the aim of spiritual seekers is to realise the Truth. One, therefore, needs to be careful not to waste his life in pursuing miraculous powers, or in gaining command over some postures.

In India the science of activating and awakening spiritual Chakras is related to the Nath Sampdray, but this is an ancient science, which finds mention in the Srimadbhagwat Mahapuran as well. Sant Kabir has talked of spiritual Chakras in great detail and given their vivid description. The Sufi saints, especially the Naqshbandi Sufis, who are considered highly advanced amongst the Sufis, have greatly developed this science and have ascribed greater roles to the spiritual Masters to help the seekers in acquiring higher spiritual states in the least time.

The present book deals with the creation of universe and the man and the path he needs to follow to traverse the journey back to the Creator.


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