Sufism is as ancient as humanity and great Masters from time to time have been guiding, helping and gracing the humanity through their presence. Many of them have been living amongst us as ordinary human beings, hiding their true selves. However, as fire is recognised by its warmth and the Sun is recognised by its light, the saints are recognised by their benevolence and their love for all. In the Naqshbandi Sufi Order it is the love for the Master that takes the disciple further and further on to the path of spirituality. It is a dynamic process where the disciple is attached to the Master through the string of love and so on and thus the chain extends to the Infinity. One may shake any loop of the chain and the whole chain responds. There is continuity in the chain, as it is an ever-existing silsila. It is difficult, nay impossible for any one to describe all their attributes, yet an effort has been made here to mention some of the incidences and anecdotes concerning some of the great Masters.


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